How To Photograph Your Room & Furniture

How to photograph your room

Step 1

Stand in position 1 of your room and take a photo facing the opposite corner or wall, as illustrated in the example below:

Step 2

Stand in position 2 and take a photo facing the opposite wall.

Step 3

Continue taking photographs at each of the 6 remaining positions, then look at your photos to make sure you've captured your entire room. If you feel the photos do not completely show your space, feel free to send us as many photos as you like.

How to photograph your furniture

Have some fave pieces? Take some snaps and we'll integrate them into your new space.

Step 1

Stand in front of your piece of furniture, as in position 1 below, and take a photo.

Step 2

Stand in position 2 and take your second photo.

Step 3

Take a look at your pix to see if they're a good representation of the piece. Is it an accurate depiction of the finish or upholstery? If not, feel free to include as many additional photos as you think are necessary.


That's it! Now, just fill out our Room Design Online™ Questionnaire and you're finished.

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