How To Measure Your Room & Furniture

Materials needed:


How to measure your room

Step 1

First, we'll measure the wall at the top of the page of your floor plan. Draw a horizontal line across the top of the paper and then draw vertical lines to each item along the wall such as doors, windows, built-in bookcases and cabinets, the fireplace, and wall openings to adjoining rooms or hallways:

Step 2

Next, starting at one end of the wall, measure the distance between each item along that wall, writing in the length in feet and inches as illustrated below:

Step 3

Now measure the entire length of the same wall and write it on the floor plan, as illustrated below. If you add your previous measurements together, they should equal this full wall measurement:

Step 4

Repeat the above process on your remaining walls:

Chairs And Sofas

A Arm height

B Width

C Depth

C Back height

Bookshelves, Dressers, Desks, Nightstands, Consoles, Buffets

A Width

B Depth

C Height

Round Tables

A Diameter

B Height

Square And Rectangular Tables

A Width

B Depth

C Height


A Width

B Length

C Headboard height

D Frame & Mattress height

How to measure your furniture

Skip this step if you don’t want us to design your room using any existing furnishings.

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